“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” — Andy Warhol

Serious Black @Winter Days of Metal 2017

Stray Train @Orto Bar, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Stray Train @Orto Bar, Ljubljana, Slovenia © Uranian Willy

Stray Train official photography

Stray Train band Official photography / © Uranian Willy

In Extremo

In Extremo, Nova Rock Festival, Austria © Samir Ceric Kovacevic,

Flogging Molly

Flogging Molly, inMusic, Croatia © Samir Ceric Kovacevic,


Pixies, iNmusic, Jarun, Zagreb © Samir Ceric Kovacevic,

Motley Crue

Motley Crue, Nova Rock festival, Austria © Samir Ceric Kovacevic,  

Skunk Anansie

Skunk Anansie, Spancirfest, Varazdin, Croatia © Samir Ceric Kovacevic,