Famous10 with Ziga Rangus

Ziga. Rangus. Our 5th person, sitting on the throne of Famous10. Besides being the “second half” of the duo behind LWGN, amazing clothing store, you can find in Ljubljana, he is also a producer, known as RAANE and a guitar player, enjoying 35th year of his life.

Lets get this ball rolling.


UranianWilly: If you weren’t doing what you are doing at the moment, what would you wish to do and why?
Ziga: A: I love the job I have. I never thought about doing anything else. I produce music for fun, I play guitar in a HC band Joko Ono, music is my passion. If I could live from music that would be fun too.

UranianWilly:  If I was to turn on your music player right now, what 3 artists/songs would I see on your recently played list?
Ziga: Mastodon – Asleep In The Deep, Beastie Boys – An Open Letter to NYC, InS – Love Is Like A Headshot.

Photo credit_Luka Jenko

UranianWilly:  If you had a chance to bring one person back from the dead, who would it be and why?

Ziga: I would bring back dinosaurs so they would eat all the bad people.

UranianWilly:  What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into and did you learn anything from it?
Ziga: I live my past behind.

UranianWilly:  What three things you regret not learning to do?

Ziga: How to train lions, tightrope walking, driving a plane.

UranianWilly: What do you like most about the work you are doing in the moment?
Ziga: Girls trying on swimsuits.

UranianWilly: Do you believe there is intelligent life in the Universe?
Ziga:: Yes, I live in the universe.

UranianWilly: What 3 adjectives would you use to describe your personality (even the weirdest or funny example)?

Ziga: cool, cooler, ice cold.


UranianWilly: What’s your motto or the advice you live by?

Ziga: Never regret anything you did.
UranianWilly:  Ten years from now you will be where or what?
Ziga: I hope I’ll be on some other planet we discovered, just enjoying free weed.
Photo credit_Luka Jenko 
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